SAT Example (Short Reading Comprehension)

CLI 아카데미
2020-05-21 09:27
Refer to the following passage.
With an estimated 250 million cases and 2 million resulting deaths per year, malaria is the world's number-one public health problem, especially in tropical and subtropical regions. The struggle with this infection is nothing new malaria is mentioned in some of the earliest medical records of Western civilization. We know, for example, that the ancient Greek physician Hippocrates identified three type of malarial fevers in the 5th century BC. By the late 15th century, malaria had spread to the Americas, likely as the result of European explorers. In fact epidemics in Central America were recorded in 1493, only a year after Columbus's first voyage there.
Q> According to the passage, malaria is
(A) a disease with a long history that remains a serious public health problem today
(B) a disease that epidemiologists are steadily bringing under control
(C) likely to spread from the tropics to temperate regions
(D) impossible to eradicate from the tropics
(E) an infection that was probably present in the Americas before the arrival of Europeans
A> (A)