SAT Example (Short Reading Comprehension

CLI 아카데미
2020-05-13 11:25
Refer to the following passage.
A major story in recent years has been the triumph of electronic mail
users have multiplied exponentially. Some major corporations have now
chosen e-mail as their primary channel for all communications internal
and external. Yet, however effective and inexpensive e-mail may be, it is not without flaws. The medium is impersonal, lacking the intimacy of
a letter or the immediacy of a phone call. As an interactive medium, e-mail is less than ideal, since messages allow correspondents politely to ignore points they do not wish to address, or indeed not to respond at all.
Q> The word immediacy in line 9 most nearly means
(A) quickness
(B) precision
(C) closeness
(D) tragedy
(E) speed
A> (D)