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2020-05-13 16:26
Read the following passage. Then fill in the diagram with the information that you read.
The United Nations is an international organization. Its primary goal is to maintain peace among the countries of the world. It is comprised of 193 nations and has existed for over fifty years. The United Nations officially convened for the first time in 1945. However, a series of events preceded its formation.
Before the United Nations came into existence, there was another organization with a similar goal called the League of Nations. It was founded in 1919, shortly after World War 1. However, the League of Nations was not effective in enforcing its resolutions. This and other limitations left world leaders wanting a different type of international organization.
The main motivation behind the formation of the United Nations was to avoid another devastating war like World war . The idea for the United Nations came about during wartime conferences in Moscow and Tehran in the latter part of 1943. When the declarations were signed, an agreement was made that an organization like the United Nations would be created in the future. Over the next year, representatives from China, France, the United Kingdom, Russia, and the United States met in order to outline the basic goals of the organization. They were agreed upon, and the charter was finally approved on October 24th, 1945. This marked the official beginning of the United Nations.
primary : main
convene : to come together
precede : to come before
enforce : to uphold
resolution : a formal statement of a decision made by an organization or assembly
devastating : causing a lot of damage
wartime : occurring during a war
charter : a formal statement
Q. The word They in the passage refers to
(A) Basic goals
(B) Conferences
(C) Representative
(D) Five countries

A >   (A) Basic goals