SAT Example (Short Reading Comprehension)

CLI 아카데미
2020-06-08 14:09
Refer to the following passage.
American elections would be more democratic of candidates were required to debate and if everyone eligible to vote was required to do so. Under the present system, a candidate with the advantages of incumbency or widespread name recognition is free to sidestep an opponent at a disadvantage and compromises the goals of our two-party-system. Debates needn't play the determining role in elections, but they should be an important factor as the public evaluates candidates' positions on issues. Of course, a well-informed public is irrelevant if people don't vote. Many foreign countries have a far higher election turnout than we do in the United States. We should consider legislation requiring people to vote in national elections. Citizenship has its privileges, but it also involves responsibilities.
Q> Author would most likely agree with which of the following?
(A) Televised debates always help the incumbent.
(B) Campaigns for public office in the United States have become too expensive.
(C) Debates should help voters to choose candidates.
(D) Attack ads, while unfortunate, have proven to be effective.
(E) Debates should be conducted at the national level but are not necessary at the state or local level.
A> (C)